Accessibility statement

CREDIPAR undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.

This accessibility statement applies to the website Financement automobile | Banque Stellantis France (



The Financement automobile | Banque Stellantis France ( website is partially compliant with the general accessibility improvement framework. Non-compliances and exemptions are listed below.


The compliance audit conducted by Temesis reveals that :
•    50% of the RGAA criteria are met.

This percentage corresponds to 
•    30 compliant criteria
•    30 non-compliant criteria
•    46 criteria not applicable



•    1.1 Is there a textual alternative for every image that provides information?    
•    1.2 Is each decorative image correctly ignored by assistive technologies?    
•    1.6 Is there a detailed description of each information-bearing image, if necessary?
•    2.1 Does each executive have an executive title?
•    3.1 In every web page, information should not be given by colour alone. Is this rule respected?
•    3.2 In each web page, is the contrast between the colour of the text and the colour of its background sufficiently high (excluding special cases)?    
•    6.1 Is each link explicit (except in special cases)?    
•    7.1 Is each script, if necessary, compatible with assistive technologies?    
•    7.3 Is each script controllable by the keyboard and by any pointing device (except in special cases)?    
•    8.2 For each web page, is the generated source code valid for the specified document type (excluding special cases)?    
•    8.6 For each web page with a page title, is the title relevant?  
•    8.7 In each web page, is each language change indicated in the source code (except in special cases)?     
•    8.9 In every web page, tags should not be used for presentation purposes only. Is this rule respected?    
•    9.1 In each web page, is the information structured by the appropriate use of headings?    
•    9.3 In each web page, is each list correctly structured?    
•    10.7 In each web page, for each element receiving focus, is the focus capture visible?    
•    10.8 For each web page, is hidden content intended to be ignored by assistive technologies?    
•    10.9 In every web page, information should not be given only by shape, size or position. Is this rule respected?    
•    10.11 For each web page, can the contents be presented without using both vertical scrolling for a window with a height of 256px or a width of 320px (excluding special cases)?    
•    10.13 In each web page, is the additional content that appears when the user focuses or hovers over an interface component controllable by the user (except in special cases)?    
•    11.2 Is each label associated with a form field relevant (excluding special cases)?
•    11.6 In each form, does each grouping of form fields have a legend? 
•    11.7 In each form, is each legend associated with a grouping of like fields relevant?   
•    11.10 In each form, is the input control used appropriately (excluding special cases)?  
•    11.11 In each form, is the input check accompanied, if necessary, by suggestions to help correct input errors?    
•    11.13 Can the purpose of an input field be inferred to facilitate automatic filling of fields with user data?    
•    12.8 In each web page, is the tabbing order consistent? 
•    12.11 In each web page, is additional content that appears when hovering, focusing, or activating an interface component reachable by keyboard, if necessary?   
•    13.3 In each web page, is there an accessible version of each office document available for download (except in special cases)?    
•    13.9 In each web page, is the proposed content viewable in any screen orientation (portrait or landscape) (excluding special cases)?   

Content not subject to the accessibility obligation

•    Third-party content that is not funded or developed by the organization concerned and is not under its control;
•    Files available in office formats published prior to September 23, 2018, unless they are necessary for the performance of an administrative action within the scope of the tasks performed by the agency concerned ;
•    Pre-recorded audio and video content, including that with interactive components, released before September 23, 2020;


This statement was made on March 27, 2021.
Technologies used for the realization of the website :
•    HTML5
•    CSS3 
•    Javascript
•    SVG

User agents, assistive technologies and tools used to verify accessibility
The web page tests were conducted with the following combinations of web browsers and screen readers:
•    Voiceover + Safari on osX 10.15 and iOS 14
•    Firefox 82 + NVDA 2020.3 on Windows 10
•    Firefox 82 + Jaws 2019

The following tools were used in the evaluation :
•    Color Contrast Analyser
•    Web Developer Toolbar
•    Axis
•    Arc Toolkit

Pages of the site that were subject to the compliance audit
1.    Financement automobile | Banque Stellantis France ( 
2.    Nous contacter | Banque Stellantis France (
3.    Sitemap | Banque Stellantis France ( 
4.    Mentions légales | Banque Stellantis France ( 
5.    Politique Cookies | Banque Stellantis France ( 
6.    Recherche | Banque Stellantis France ( 
7.    Résultats, documentations financières, programmes d'émission de titres de dette | Banque Stellantis France ( 
8.    Notations de Crédits | Banque Stellantis France ( 
9.    Annonces d'emploi dans notre banque : alternance, stage, CDI, CDD… ( 
10.    Recrutement chez Banque Stellantis France : notre politique RH ( 
11.    RELATION CLIENT | Banque Stellantis France (  
12.    Actualités | Banque Stellantis France ( 
13.    PLACEMENT PUBLIC D'UNE TITRISATION | Banque Stellantis France ( 
14.    Partenariat en France entre Stellantis et Santander Consumer Finance | Banque Stellantis France ( 
15.    Nos valeurs | Banque Stellantis France ( 
16.    Chiffres clés | Banque Stellantis France ( 
17.    Finance | Banque Stellantis France ( 
18.    Diversification des sources de refinancement | Banque Stellantis France ( 
19.    Offres d'emploi en finance | Travailler chez Banque Stellantis France ( 
20.    Investisseurs crédit | Banque Stellantis France (


If you are unable to access a content or service, you may contact the website manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in another form.
•    Contact the team in charge of the site
•    Contact us at the address indicated in our legal notice


This procedure is to be used in the following case.
You have notified the website manager of a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing content or services on the portal and you have not received a satisfactory response.

•    Write a message to the Human Rights Defender (
•    Contact the delegate of the Human Rights Defender in your region (
•    Send a letter by post (free of charge, do not put a stamp)

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