Banque Stellantis France, the financial institution of Stellantis brands

Banque Stellantis France finances the purchase and leasing of new and used vehicles for private individuals and businesses through the networks of dealerships distributing the brands of Stellantis.


Banque Stellantis France is a credit institution offering competitive financing offers to Stellantis customers and retailer networks.

These offers are accompanied by a full range of insurance and services enabling customers to benefit from a global and consistent offer at the dealerships. The Banque Stellantis France Group also ensures the distribution networks of the three brands, the financing of their inventories of vehicles (new and used) and spare parts, as well as other financing such as that of the working capital requirement. .

Since February 2, 2015, Banque Stellantis France (previously PSA Banque France until april 2023) is the french joint venture of two shareholders, major players in their respective sectors: Stellantis (former PSA Group), through its subsidiary Stellantis Financial Services (previously Banque PSA Finance (BPF)), and Santander Consumer Finance (SCF), via its subsidiary Santander Consumer Banque. Each shareholder holds 50% of Banque Stellantis France.

Banque Stellantis France holds 100% of CREDIPAR, which itself holds 100% of CLV. All financing activities are thus carried out by Banque Stellantis France and its subsidiaries CREDIPAR and CLV. Financing solutions for end-users are offered under the commercial names of Stellantis Finance & Services (financing offers for individuals and professionals, except long-term rental offers for those).


Our agencies

Banque Stellantis France is nowadays present in 3 locations

- at the Head Quaters, near to Paris in Poissy 
- in our West Agency, near Rennes 
- in our East Agency, near Lyon.
We are also present in every region through close to our distributors. 

Products and services

Banque Stellantis France Group offers a large range of financing and insurance products and services :

Individual customer financing

Banque Stellantis France Group finances the purchase and rental of new and used vehicles by individuals and corporate customers through the dealer networks of the brands of the Stellantis Group. Proposed financing includes credit sales as well as lease agreements with or without an option to purchase.
The majority of financing is for new vehicles. Financing is also available for the purchase of used vehicles of all car brands.


Distribution network financing

Banque Stellantis France offers financing solutions for inventories of new vehicles, demos, used cars and spare parts for all th ebrands of Stellantis. In addition to this main activity, other types of financing are also offered to dealers of these brands to meet their operating needs (working capital, conventional current accounts ...) or investments.
Lines of credit may also be granted to dealers to finance the purchases of vehicles as part of commitments to take over or return rentals and balloon credits.
A regular, and at least annual, solvency review and overall situation of the dealerships is conducted by Banque Stellantis France  in order to adjust, if necessary, the limits of financing.


Insurance and services

For many years, Banque Stellantis France  has offered, with or without the financing offer, a complete range of insurance products and services related to either the person or the vehicle.
"All-inclusive" offers are proposed for new vehicles, and for used vehicles products include financing and a warranty extension or a maintenance contract.
The global approach around the sale of the vehicle, its financing and the proposal of complementary services during a single contact at the point of sale of the vehicle contributes greatly to the satisfaction and the loyalty of the customers.


Consumer savings

DISTINGO Bank's consumer savings business enables Banque Stellantis France to be present in the online savings market while diversifying its sources of refinancing. DISTINGO Bank savings accounts and fixed-rate deposit accounts are only available to retail investors, who are tax resident in France.


Main dates


André Citroën creates the SOVAC that allows him to offer financing for the purchase of his automobiles. He will cede this activity in 1927, to the Lazard Group.


Peugeot creates DIN, in charge of its car financing business.


CREDIPAR owned 50/50 by Peugeot SA and SOVAC is created.


Creation of PSA Finance Holding, which brings together the financial activities of the Peugeot and Citroën brands.


PSA Finance Holding becomes Banque PSA Finance. In the same year, GE Capital took control of SOVAC and became a shareholder of CREDIPAR.


Groupe PSA takes control of the entire capital of CREDIPAR.


Banque PSA Finance and Santander Consumer Banque SA, subsidiary in France of Santander Consumer Finance create the SOFIB group to jointly carry out banking operations in France. The corporate name of SOFIB was changed to PSA Banque France on July 18, 2016.